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50 Years of Pizza, Family, Friends & Memories

1973 – Present – Linda Lack

When I was a kid so excited when u opened. We would call up and order. The only English u could say was 20 minutes please. Been ordering pizza from u since. 50 years. Grew up on your pizza. Thanks for all your memories.

1973 – Present – Janet Whalum

I have been having Roma Pizza since 1973 when I was in high school. It is consistently the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. It is my preference and I would never go anywhere else for great pizza and Italian dishes. I love the salad also. Congratulations to the Pizzos on 50 years!!

“The Little Chick”

Frank and Tony’s mom nick named me the little chick because I had this long fuzzy blond hair back at the first place they had was the second pizza I had ever had . Bethalto was a rival town in sports in high-school but myself would rolled in the gravel with them for a ROMAS being from Woodriver high school.Loved ROMAS always have 1800 miles from them out of frozen ones got to come back soon to get the real deal ROMAS whole family class act great to me and my children gave them their first job they taught them alot about life I could never repay that to Tony and Frank . One last thing when in high-school if a Bethalto girl would want to take u to Romas for a pizza and buy lol was some of my best miss u all my friends 💓